Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Chicks!

Unfortunately, this Fall we lost several of our chickens to unknown predators so we are down to five hens.  We were so sad.  They are all laying eggs now but typically will only lay for two years and after their first year they drop off in production a little.  We ordered our chicks earlier in the week and they will be here the week of January 28th.  The kids get so excited when they see the box and hear the peeping!

We ordered a mix of 25 Brown Egg Layers.  It was a discounted price because we couldn't pick exactly which breed we wanted.  They'll just send a mixture of some of their best layers.  It'll be a fun surprise to see which ones we get.  We ordered some for us and some for my brother who has a farm.  We also ordered three of a breed called Araucanas, which they call the Easter Egg chicken because she lays blue-ish green colored eggs!  I know - isn't that exciting?!

I can see that will be one of the highlights of my day when we get colored eggs.  Look how pretty they are.

Today the kids don't have school so we're heading to the library.  Tomorrow we are checking out a new Winter Farmer's Market.  I'm excited to see what they have.  I'll share with you next week. :)  Enjoy your weekend.

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