Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is it Christmas Today? Advent Calendar Inspiration via Pinterest

More days than not, my four year olds will ask me as they get up in the morning if it's Christmas today?  It must be so hard to not have that concept of time yet.  They understand a bit of it, but one month feels like an eternity.  Stevie in particular is having the hardest time.  Probably because he has a list a mile long that he wants from Santa.  Bella, on the other hand tells me that she wants whatever Santa brings her. 

For the first time this year I bought the kids Advent calendars.  Hurry up December 1st so we can start using them!  Each year I've thought about making one.  There are so many adorable creations out there!  These are some of my favorites that I've been pinning.

I love the bright colors on this one. Must be because of my kids but I've been drawn to bright colors and lights these past few years. This one is unique and the little cans give you more room for little gifties and ornaments or whatever little treats you want to put inside. You could also re-use food containers and cover with scrapbooking paper.

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I've always loved these cookie sheet calendars!  They are so adorable with all the little decorated magnets.  But, unfortunately with three small children I worry about them going into little mouths.  Maybe when they get older it could be a project we all work on together.  They *love* their crafty projects. :)
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And I'll leave you with one more that I loved.  AND because I've always loved projects with those cute little matchbooks.  You can buy a big package of them for pretty cheap, add a little scrapbook paper and - adorable!  This one is found on the Just a Girl blog.  Go visit. 
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We are busy, busy shopping and wrapping presents!  Hope you're taking time to enjoy this holiday season too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving and Decorating for Christmas

Has anyone started decorating for the holidays yet?  My girl, Laurie probably has! :)  I haven't started decorating but I have started thinking about my ornaments and which decorations we'll put out and what we'll make with the kids.  In recent years I'm drawn to brightly decorated trees like the gorgeous Candy colored Christmas tree done by Centsational Girl.  We did a candy themed tree a couple years ago.  I think it was the first or second Christmas when we had the twins.  We cut out our wooden candy shape and glittered them so there wouldn't be anything breakable on the tree.  I put on some bright beads, candy canes and gumdrop candies on tree branches.  It was one of my favorite trees.  

The kids are SO excited for Christmas this year.  They feel it's "taking sooo long" for Santa to come. :)  Only in a 4 year olds mind.  I think we'll be writing our letters to Santa over the next few days.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have so many things to be thankful for this year.  Enjoy your turkey and all the fixins!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Into the Woods

We cleared a few trees in our yard to make room for our chicken coop and garden expansion next year.  It's the kids favorite new spot to play.  Talking, playing catch, balancing and who knows what else each day brings.
Gosh, my last blog post was almost 6 months ago.  I guess you could say I needed a break.  I've been busy with kiddos and just living life on a daily basis.  I wasn't feeling very inspired to blog.  I wasn't even reading many blogs, which is so unusual for me.  I was seeing all these gorgeous blogs with people who have kids and couldn't understand how their houses can be so "perfect" when mine is chaotic.  :)  I embrace the chaos most days and go with the flow.  Or try to anyway.
I know that the time goes by so quickly.  What is the quote I just read recently?  "The days are long but the years are short".  I do try to remember that. 

I want to enjoy every day with my ever growing children.  Why is it that when I look at their pictures, they appear so much older?  They have become little people with thoughts and opinions (some stronger than others).  Ahem.
Little brother wants to join in too.  We can't leave him out.  They can be so tender together and then scream at any given moment.
I do love being outdoors with them.  It seems they do less fighting when we're outside.  I love that these three are so close in age. 
The Three Amigos, as Stevie calls them.  Life is moving quickly.  I want to document and remember.
Let's not forget our Halloween and dress up fun either!  I think they are almost more excited that Halloween is over so they can wear their costumes on a daily basis and not have to "save them" for Halloween.  My Rapunzel and crime fighting super heroes!  Life is good.