Wednesday, February 16, 2011

more Letters for Birthday Parties

I've been doing a little (well.. a lot) of blog searching for inspiration for my little Max's 1st birthday party. Yes, I said FIRST. In about two months, my baby boy will be 1. He's such an amazing little guy. We're going to be doing a new room for him in the next few months (a rocket ship design) so I think his birthday will be tied into that theme.

This party just spoke to me though.. it's for a little girl named, Arie. The Mom created this "Year of Firsts" table with sweet outfits and pictures and little tags telling about each "first". I really like that idea.

And of course, these letters as a centerpiece are really beautiful. You can find more pictures at this blog. Soo beautiful.

And thought I'd share a picture of my two little guys. Stevie calls Max his "little best friend". They are so sweet together (most of the time anyway). But every time Stevie wakes up from his nap or wakes up in the morning he always asks about Max. They seem to have a bond already. I'll enjoy seeing that develop over the years.


LaurieStar said...

What a cute picture! Maxie looks so grown up there! (Sorry - that's my nickname for him!) Very cute. And I love that birthday party pic too - I am afraid I am just not that together to have parties that look like that! Wish I was though! :)

Michelle H. said...

Adorable picture of the two of them!!
Love the idea of baby 1st for a birthday party very fun!!