Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Brrr.. it's cold outside! So, it's not even noon yet and we must have a foot of snow outside! My kids have been looking out the window all morning saying, "Look at all that snow!". The cat keeps trying to go out and when I open the door she turns and runs away!

I hope you're having a happy new year. My kids are going through new schedules and we're trying to get adjusted. Mr. Max is sitting up and sleeping much less. Stevie and Bella are getting ready to start preschool in the next few months after then turn three. It's amazing to me how much more grown up they are. They were doing puzzles the other day (Stevie's a wiz) and he was helping Bella and he'd say "Great job, Bella (which he pronounces more like Beya), Great job, Beya". Too cute.

This year I'm inspired to do a little work to our rooms. We've been in our house 8 years and I'm afraid to say some of the walls were painted just after we moved in and I need a change. I've been feeling very inspired by this blog, The Stories of A to Z. She posted a few Winter Mantel Ideas on her blog and I'm loving it! There are so many great blogs out there!

I hope you're all staying cozy and enjoying the day.


LaurieStar said...

That's a cute story about the kids. Noah was always good at puzzles too. I am so happy that your kids have siblings to help each other - it's nice! (When they're not fighting, that is!)

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

That's so simple and pretty! Thanks for the idea! I hope you are staying warm!