Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Handmade Classroom Gift Ideas {Preschool}

So, I've been thinking about some small gift ideas that I can give to my kid's Preschool classroom.  Keeping in mind that I need to do enough for two classrooms so I know it has to be something fairly easy, and fairly inexpensive.  They have this silly - 'no food' gift rule so candy, cookies and the like, are out.  These are a few of the ideas I've been tossing around.

We've made these alphabet crayons before.  They're really darling and I have lots of candy molds in assorted shapes, letters and numbers that I could use.  But they're a bit time consuming.  We made some as birthday party favors one year.  Tied in a ribbon it's really sweet.

Tutorial here

I love these crayon rolls and have seen many variations of them and super cute fabrics to coordinate would be adorable.  And I love giving them something cute and functional.  But let's be serious - having to make 28 of these is a bit much for this somewhat beginner sewer.  Although the tutorial looks fairly easy.

Tutorial at this lovely blog

And just look at these adorable little jars of homemade finger paints!  What preschooler wouldn't love playing with these!  Bella's favorite project at school is the paints.  And the rubber stamping. :)  I think we'll have to save this for an at-home project since I don't have a bunch of little jars or containers for them all but they sure are cute.

Tutorial found at Easie Peasie

I think I've decided on this Peppermint Play Dough.  My kids LOVE play dough.  They added some glitter to the dough so it's sparkly and fun.  We'll package ours in sandwich baggies with cute little toppers made from scrapbook papers.  I like that my kids can help with the project too.

Tutorial found at The Artful Parent

I'll be sharing teacher appreciate gifts this week as well.  What have you given as class or teacher gifts?

Friday, December 02, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like...

We finally started decorating the house today!  It felt like we were a bit behind with decorating so I'm happy to have some festive ornaments and Christmas-y touches around the house.  The kids love it too.  We have ornaments hanging in the windows and they will point and oooh and aaaah at them.  It's so much fun!  
I'm super excited to share our Design Team projects this month!  They've gone above and beyond with their Christmas projects!  Our STANDING CHRISTMAS TREE is definitely our top seasonal item!  I think probably because it's so versatile, which you will see below.  The paper flower tree (above) is by the ever-fabulous Julie Ann!  She rolled the paper flowers and glued them on the tree.  It's sooo pretty and girly, isn't it?!

This collaged Vintage-bird tree, by Cathleen is so pretty.  The sheet music, beaded garland and word quotes are just lovely touches!

Look at the papers and details.

And I love the bird topper.  Just beautiful!

Kim went with a white Christmas tree with lots of Bling!  A girl after my own heart. :)

Look at the pretty jewels.

Julie's looks more traditional where she took ribbon and gathered it on the tree to create a pretty look and topped it with a cute red polka dotted bow!

We also had our WREATH shape as a project. Laurie has all KINDS of goodies on her wreath!  It's so bright and fun and festive, isn't it?! 

She has some of her signature Trinket's (her Etsy shop) embellishments on the wreath too.

Pamela put a family Christmas photo in the center of her wreath.  She took a circle punch and crumpled all the pieces of paper to give it a dimensional look.  It has a sweet, Vintage look to it I think.

 Pretty bow and twine.


Look at the adorable Snow people!  Joyce created this fun little wreath and added snowflake embellishments too.


In the meadow we can build a snowman. Too cute!  I can't help but sing the song. :)

Cute hat and mittens too!

And Dawn has a more traditional look, doesn't it?!  With big, beautiful flowers and ribbon! 

I told you each one was really unique!  That's what I love about our shapes.  They create the canvas to do so many different things! 

Thanks ladies for all the inspiration!  And thanks to you for stopping by Say It With Letters.  xo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paper Christmas Tree {Tutorial} by Stacy Rodriguez

Hello my scrapping friends!  I hope you're having a nice week.  We are slowly getting back into the swing of things after our long, holiday weekend.

Today I'm excited to share the first of our Design Team Projects.  Stacy took our standing Christmas Tree shape and added some fun garland and embellishments and it's hanging out in her scrap room!  Read on to hear about her project -

Hello everyone, Stacy here today sharing with you my new Christmas tree for my scraproom.  I had so much fun decorating this, I have to say this is a must have!!  First up here is what the tree looked like before the altering began.
Available in our Etsy shop HERE.
The first step is to lay your tree on the paper you are going to use and trace the tree.  You will need to do this for both sides of the tree, then simply cut out.  You will also want to do this for the base of the tree as well.  I used 2 different papers for the tree and the base.  I applied a liquid glue with a painbrush to adhere the paper to the tree.
Now for the sides of the tree, you can cut a 1/2 inch strip of paper for the edges.  Simply cut the strips to the length needed and then adhere to the tree.  Once you have completed this here is what your tree will look like.
Now would be the time to ink the edges if you would like before trimming the tree.  Next it's time for the fun part....decorating.  I used some super fun chipboard stickers on the tree and added some to the base as well.
Here are a couple of close up pictures as well.  (Look at the cuteness!)
Thanks so much for stopping by Say It With Letters today, and I hope I have inspired you to create your wooden tree for your scraproom.
Thanks everyone!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!  xo

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift for Teacher

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?  We had a really nice day going to my sister's house.  We ate tons of yummy food and then went to my in-laws later in the day for more food. :)  I guess that's what it's all about though, isn't it?!

And now I'm thinking ahead to all the handmade and store bought gifts on my list.  Do you have a teacher or two to give something to?  How about something handmade like this adorable owl Pamela created.  She took our owl shape and made this adorable and hip (check out those sneakers!) little scholar.

I love the tassel and button eyes.

And this quote.

She also created a matching card.  What a thoughtful teacher gift.  Thanks for sharing Pamela!  

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stitched Autumn Leaves Tutorial by Julie Ann Shahin :: 12 Steps to Halloween Project with Altered Bottlecap and Clothespin

Design Team projects keep coming!  Don't you love it?!  I sure do.  I'm thrilled to share another tutorial with you this month by original Design Team member, Julie Ann Shahin.  She inspires us every  month and I personally look forward to what she will create for us each month!  The following tutorial is being featured on the Studio Tangie Baxter blog so you can check that out for more inspiration!  Read on to hear about how she created this fun, vintage looking Halloween project!

Today I’m going to share with you a fun tutorial for a Halloween Decoration using Tangie’s Collage Printable from the Midnight Mischief Collab with Sherrie JD.  First of all, I was inspired by all of the black and white Halloween decorations that I have seen on Pinterest. For instance, this blinged pumpkin, this fun sentiment, this Halloween vignette,  these details,  and these stenciled pumpkins.


Step 1

Step 1. The first step is to take these Leaf Shapes from Say It With Letters.com and trace them upside down on felt. Do not adhere yet.

Step 2. Next, embroider with french knots and additional stitches. Adhere to leaves.

Step 3. Print Tangie’s Collage from Midnight Mischief. I printed it onto matte photo paper for my inkjet printer.

Step 4. Adhere Tinsel Ribbon (My Mind’s Eye) to a recycled bottle cap.

Step 5. I put the bottle cap on the collage girl, and traced around it, then cut out the collage girl. She fit into the bottle cap perfectly. Adhere. (also see photo below)

Step 7. Take second bottle cap, and trace around boy image on collage sheet. Cut out and insert into bottle cap. Adhere. Take tinsel ribbon and adhere to outside of bottle cap.
Step 8. Take clothespin, and trace around on zebra border. Cut out and adhere to clothespin.
Step 9. Cut out tag with moon from collage sheet. Adhere to middle-sized leaf with a feather underneath it. Add trim. Adhere bottle cap.
Step 10. Take chipboard frame with a feather, and set on small leaf. Use trim to wrap around leaf and tie in knot. Adhere decorative button.
Step 11. Layer doily, vintage bingo card (or print one from one of Tangie’s kits!), chipboard frame, feather, trim, and bottle cap. Adhere all to leaf.
Step 12. Add clothespin to doily and bingo card for finishing touch!

I told you the project was fabulous!!  Thanks Julie Ann for your inspiration!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

COZY letters Tutorial by Pamela Young

I'm so excited to share another COZY project with you.  I am *loving* these adorable and cozy letters that Pamela Young created!  She used the Autumn Splendor collection from We R Memory Keepers, which works so perfectly with our COZY letters!  Please read on for a wonderful step by step tutorial.

COZY Tutorial by Pamela Young:

Hi everyone!  It's my first post here and let me just say that I am so excited to be joining the design team...I have loved Say It With Letters for so long!  I was thrilled when I received my first project, the new 8" Cozy letters in the mail.  

Here's what I did with them:


Let's break it down..

I started with my bare letter.


I covered it with adhesive.  


I turned my letter over and laid it on the backside of the patterned paper I wanted on it.  

I like to turn it over after that and use my brayer to run over it all to make sure it all gets adhered down, with no air bubbles or lumps.  

Do this to each of your letters with 4 different pieces of patterned papers.  :)

Depending on what adhesive you used, you may want to allow it to dry some at this stage.  It's up to you...I don't always.  ;)

Then I turn my letter over and I take my craft knife and cut the paper off around my letter.


Then you should have something like this:

I like to sand my edges some just to make it look smoother.

And then another thing I always like to do is paint the edges of my wood.

All of mine:

Then you have the base for your projects.  You could leave it at that and it would look beautiful, but I am an embellisher.  :)  So I took each letter and added a few things to it.  

Here are my letters embellished:

I added two chipboard photo corners.  Those leaves are hand cut and stitched around, and I added a chipboard tag on top.  

Wasn't this tag just perfect to use with this project?  I placed it over the middle (popped up) and added ribbon.  

On my z, I decided to change it up and add some patterned paper behind the wood (you can cut holes for the mounting holes on the back of the wood).  Then I added another one of my leaves and some chipboard that I again popped up.  

 And finally, for my y I added some more chipboard photo corners.  Then I wrapped some ribbon around the y, twisting and knotting.  Then I printed the words for "a cozy home is a happy home", layered them on paper and popped them up on my y.  :)  

And there you have it....a lot of pictures, but hopefully that all made sense.  

Here's my Cozy letters for you one last time.  

Thanks for stopping in today!  Have a fantastic day!


Pamela's also created a Blanket Stitch tutorial on how she hand stitched around the leaves on the letter C.  I think it creates such a handmade, cozy feel.  You can use the blanket stitch for so many projects too!

What a beautiful project, Pam!!  Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial!  Please visit Pam's blog for more details, including the Blanket Stitch tutorial.  Thanks everyone for stopping by.