Friday, November 19, 2010

A B C's featuring Leslie Marsh of Snips and Snails

I hope you're enjoying your week. Its Friday! I'm sitting here drinking some hot chocolate which is a new favorite afternoon treat for me. I can only drink a bit of coffee and would probably drink that if I could but I definitely don't need something ELSE keeping me up at night since Max does a mighty fine job all by himself. :) My kids are napping (all three of them) and I'm enjoying a little quiet time.

I thought I'd share these *beautiful* creations by my friend, Leslie. I've had the pleasure of doing business with Leslie several times.

It all started with these letters she ordered for this cutie, Kiran. Since then I think she's ordered 3 other times. We love repeat customers! :) I got a nice e-mail from her the other day telling me she had shared the letters on her blog. They're completely gorgeous!!

She worked on the the SOPHIE letters with Sophie's mom. That's really sweet (and so are they).

I love the colors in these LILY letters.

And I think these NADIA ones are my favorite! I love the deep colors and her embellishments are so unique and beautiful! Here's a closeup of one of the letters... you can see the shiny finish she gave them.

You can see more of Leslie's work and details on her blogpost HERE. She also shared with me how she created the shiny finish.
I use Envirotex Lite, which I buy at Michaels, over the letters once I've painted the sides and covered the tops with scrapbook paper. It's a two-part resin that dries in a couple of days. I set the letters on disposable plastic bathroom cups on disposable aluminum trays when I pour the Envirotex over them and then go back and 'paint' the resin on the sides of the letters with a foam brush and the stuff that gathers in the tray. Then I check closely with a flashlight to make sure I've covered everything and try to brush the drips off the bottom. Then, after about five minutes, I remove the bubbles by running a match or grill lighter lightly over the areas that have them. The letters will dry in about 24 hours, but it takes 3-4 days for the resin to completely cure. Then I sand the drips off of the bottom and embellish!
Thank you so much Leslie for sharing! Beautiful work.
If you have some creations you'd like to share, we'd love to see them! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend.


Leslie said...

Thanks for the feature Deb! I love your letters!

Michelle H. said...

Leslie, did a gorgeous job on creating all of these name projects!!
Love the colros and how she designed each of these!!
Love them all!

Scrap for Joy said...

Great job imaginative! I loved the directions for doing the glossing and hanging the letters with ribbon or cording is great. (Love that font of the Sophie letters) Thanks for sharing these!