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Welcome Everything Etsy readers :: Girly Girl Closet Tutorial and Giveaway!

WELCOME Everything Etsy readers to the inspiration blog of Say It With Letters! We are SO excited to be a part of the HUGE Giveaway Week!!

Please read on for a tutorial on how to create your own set of *adorable* Girly Girl dresses created by our fabulous design team member, Julie Ann Shahin. Read the bottom of this post to see how you can win an unfinished set of dresses to create your own at home! (And did you enter the giveaway over at Everything Etsy too?) You could win a decorated set of our dresses designed by Julie Ann on their site and a bunch of other cool things too! Here's the tutorial:

Say It With Letters Tutorial

Welcome friends and fans from the Everything Etsy Giveaway Extravaganza! I'm excited to have designed a set of dresses for you to win (on Everything Etsy's site) and now I'll share with you a tutorial on how I made those dresses, so that you can get a pair of unfinished dresses from Say It With Letters to make for yourself, and for gifts for upcoming holidays, birthdays, shower gifts, etc.

Pictured above is a sampling of the supplies you'll need: about 3 patterns of paper per dress, one or two pieces of chipboard cardstock in total, 7 small buttons in total. Then you'll need adhesives and tools such as my favorites: Fabri-tac or Golden Gel Medium Matte, Scissors and/or an X-acto Knife, Ruler, and something round to trace such as embroidery hoops or small plates, and a writing utensil to trace with.

First, I sketched out my ideas for the trio of dresses with colored pencils. I had a patterned paper in mind from my stash or you could go shopping for just that right pattern.
Then I started making the largest dress first. I knew I needed a solid base for the skirt/apron so I used chipboard/cardstock from For The Luv of Art . I half-traced, half-created my design for the skirt by tracing the scallops then tracing an embroidery hoop as seen in the photographed steps.

Next, I used the negative space left from the chipboard to decide where I want my patterned paper to line up on my skirt. You can use a lightbox to trace the skirt or hold the paper up to a lightbulb and see where they line up. Remember to trace on the wrong side of the paper. Then I used Golden Gel Medium Matte as glue on the chipboard to adhere the paper to it. Set it aside for now.

For the top, I decided where I wanted the top to be on the patterned paper and again, used the lightbulb technique to make sure the shape lined up before I traced it on the wrong side of the paper. Then I cut it out and adhered the pink top to the wood shape. The next step was to cut a striped skirt, so I traced the wood shape and cut and adhered that to the shape. I could now adhere the skirt and add a blue ruffle to the skirt.

I also wanted to make a ruffle to add to the striped skirt so I traced the scallop twice as shown in the photographed steps. I cut it out and adhered it to the wood shape.

Now it's on to the medium dress shape. I have three patterned papers, three buttons, and my tools. First, I trace the blouse portion. Then I trace the scallops for a ruffle.
I know I want a certain portion of the pattern included on the sleeveless apron, which is the peacock shown in photograph #1. Again, I use the lightbulb technique discussed above. I trace the dress, and be sure to leave off the sleeves. I adhere the blouse I cut previously, and then the sleeveless apron. Next, I make a second ruffle that will be centered on the larger ruffle. I then add the buttons to both the large dress and the medium dress.

Here, I am ready to start the third, and smallest dress. This dress also requires a chipboard cardstock base for its' apron. Again, I half-trace the dress, and half-trace the embroidery hoop for the skirt. This one also has a center flare. Then I use the lightbulb technique once again to trace the apron onto the wrong-side of my patterned paper.

I traced and cut the skirt that goes underneath the apron, as well as a contrasting hem for it. I adhered both to the wood hem and then the apron, and the buttons. There you have finished your trio of Girly Girl Closet Dresses! I hope you are feeling artsy and inspired!!!

Please leave any questions on the Say It With Letters blog and I'll be happy to answer them!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!! I'm going to do the same idea from Everything Etsy's giveaway.
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Good Luck Everyone!! Thanks for stopping by!


LaurieStar said...

Oh my goodness! Her tutorial is almost as cute as the end product! What a great set and a great tutorial! I love these shapes - there are so many possibilities! Congrats on the giveaway!

jeany said...

gleWow !!!!
These are sooo adorebly cute & a must have for any girls wall,the tutorial makes me want them so badly,very clear instructions that make me want to have them here now to try it out :)awesome work & fantastic product :)

Jean :)

BonnieRose said...

fabulous tutorial!

Whimsical Creations said...

Love the Bauble Ornament Collection Unfinished Holiday Shapes.

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Whimsical Creations said...

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Whimsical Creations said...

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STAMPMOM9 said...

WOW!! Love the tutorial! Fabulous design. I just wanna copy this whole post and put on mine. Love the dresses!!!! ADORABLE!!! Congrats on the giveway a huge step!! Have a AWESOME day! Dawn

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thank you everyone! I'm so honored by your kind words!!! xoxo
Julie Ann,
Tutorial Artist

Jennifer Hansen said...

Love the sweet tooth collection.

jlh774 at gmail dot com

Lindy said...

Oh my goodness....I LOVE IT. My daughter is such a girly girl and this would be perfect for some of my scrapbook layouts!

Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Lindy said...

WOW....I just visited your shop and I LOVE it. What wonderful talent.

Thanks for sharing.

O, and I adding you to my google reader. Looking forward to some more great tutorials.

ellen s. said...

Julie Ann never ceases to amaze me! loooove it!

isabel scrap said...

This tutorial is fantastic!

Vitoria B said...

Well, love this girly project!
Thanks for the great chance

la zaz said...

The design is amazing, love to try this tutorial!
Count on me for the giveaway please.

the mustik said...

So cute project!
Pick me please, love to make this project too... i'm so girly.

Jen said...

Already following on Twitter! :)

Jen said...

It's REALLY hard to choose a favorite, but I think right now I'm dying to try the Happy Homes collection!!!! I think it would be PERFECT for the holidays!!!! But oh, gosh - it would be hard to decide whether to decorate them for Thanksgiving or I'd probably need to get TWO sets! LOL!!

Jen said...

I already subscribe to the SIWL blog. :)

Jen said...

I already follow you on FB. :)