Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is this thing on?!

Happy end of summer to you! We've sure had a good one. I've thought about my blog here several times and even attempted a post a few times, but life just got in the way. :) I'm sure you can each relate. We've had a wonderful summer and my kids are growing like weeds! Here's a few pics from the last few months. We had some blueberry picking fun last month and I baked two yummy blueberry pies from it. Delish! I wanted to make some jam but think we ate so much and baked too much for that to happen. But we sure enjoyed it.

We had a nice weekend at the end of June for Max's baptism. Family came from Canada, Texas, Virginia and Delaware for this little boy. It was a really special day.
Max is just amazing!! I feel like I can enjoy things more this time around. I'm not a new Mom with two screaming babies. HA! No, it's all been awesome but Max is just SUCH a good baby. He's now 4 months old and laughs and giggles a lot. We just started putting him in his excersaucer. I think he really likes sitting up and being able to see everyone. And his brother and sister seem to be getting used to him and are a big help too.

Here's a few more pictures. Haven't they gotten so big?! Stevie and Bella are awesome too. Stevie's just started talking in the past few weeks (he's said a few words but not too much) but now the boy won't stop! I love it! :) So, all is good. My next post will be SIWL's related and we'll tell you about some new products and some other fun stuff too. Hope you're all doing well. xo