Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Spring and Woodland Collection :: Design Team Shares!

Hello my dear blogging friends! These design team projects are long overdue and I decided I needed to get them posted before our latest projects are due OR before I have a baby. HA! :)

Happy Spring! Seems funny to say since today it was so chilly and we woke up to a bit of snow on the ground. But other than today, we've had some beautiful days here in New England. My kids love being outdoors. My Mom bought them a wagon for their birthday and I wasn't sure if they'd like it since they *love* running around, but everytime we go outside, Bella sees it and says "wagon" "go", "wagon" "go". They are too cute. They are now officially TWO! I almost can't believe how quickly the time went by.

But enough of my gabbing... I'm excited to share the Design Team projects featuring our butterfly shape, which was actually one of our first shapes we did and I still love it. You must look on to see what Rae did with hers - moss covered. Simply beautiful! And we also are featuring a *brand new* collection of shapes - The Woodland Collection. I love it so much!
This first Springy butterfly is by the lovely Laurie Star Griggs. It's so bright and cheery that I wish I had it hanging in my kitchen! She covered it in fabric and the posie embellishment can be found in her shop, TrinketsNH. Go take a peek. There's an adorable birdcage with a bird's nest inside. So cute!
This pretty pearly butterfly was done by Rachel Hope Baird. It uses some of my favorite papers and the accents of daisies and beautiful pearls gives it such a soft look. Very pretty.

And I have to say, this is SO much fun! Raechelle covered hers with moss. Don't you love it?? I love the branches she added and the glass beads and flowers. Gorgeous job Rae!!

And the Woodland Collection features a fun flower, a mushroom and our adorable snail shape. It was inspired by an outfit that Bella was wearing one day and I loved it! :) Kory covered hers with fabric and also used some batting to give it a 3-D effect. I love the rolled fabric on the snail and the cute little eye she added too. :) She created them for her daughter's playroom. Super cute!
Jennifer created a different look for each of her pieces. The snail hook is so clever. And very fun to come home to! And speaking of home... "no place like gnome". How cute is that?? And the flower is my favorite. But of course! She used pretty papers and Vintage glass glitter - my favorite!

And last, but definitely not least. The fabulous Julie Ann Shahin created an Alice in Wonderland collection with hers. I LOVE love love it!! The buttons on the snail are gorgeous, the felt mushroom so fun and the cute little Alice on the mushroom - the finishing touch, wouldn't you say?! And check out this flower - simply gorgeous!

Gorgeous job ladies! Thanks for visiting everyone. I'll keep you updated on when the new little guy arrives. :) xo

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LaurieStar said...

I just love all these projects! Really inspiring - love those cute mushroom shapes too! Adorable. :)