Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's been going on....

I know it's been far too long since I last posted. I've thought about it so many times, but honestly, I'm just pooped these days! My two little ones are keeping me busy during the day. And did I mention that I'm pregnant?? :) Actually.. I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant and this last trimester is kinda kickin' my butt. I used to use the kids naptime to get things done, but now I try to sleep. Most days I just rest because I can't stop thinking about all the things I could and should be doing. I'm sure you can relate. However, I'm also happy to have the time to relax because it's a long day if I'm not able to at least lay down for a bit. My father in law just said to me today - boy, this pregnancy must be so much easier than your last. And up until this last trimester I would have said a most definite YES! Not having to deal with bedrest is certainly a plus, however having to deal with twin toddler's keeps me hopping. :)
Speaking of.... I can hardly believe this, but they are almost TWO years old! I know - when did that happen?? Their birthday is next month (April 11th) but we are having their party this weekend since it's such a busy time with Easter and other family events. We are having a Sesame Street party (notice the little hand reaching for Elmo in this picture??) :) I made their invitations out of a cut out "2", of course. Each one is slightly different. I bought some die cuts from a great Etsy shop and some of them I used stickers that were sent to me by the sweet Kimmarie. When she had seen the kids were so into Sesame Street, she mailed some to me. I was so touched. I saved some to do a little birthday album too.
And here's my two cuties during a sweet moment. :) There are many of them, but they are typical siblings where they love to fight too. Bella's the talker of the two. Such a girl. Stevie will point to pictures in a book and she'll tell him what they are. :) They really are at such a fun age now.

Thanks for still checking in on me. I have some really incredible design team projects that I need to share so next week, hopefully I'll get those up.
I hope you're all enjoying your Spring! I'm so loving this warmer weather and seeing the sunshine beaming in through the windows.


LaurieStar said...

Hi Debbie -

I was reading your post and then scrolled down to see the picture of the kids and gasped! Wow - they have changed so much in just a few months! They really are cute and I can't believe they will be two! How did that happen?
I think it's good you are resting, who cares about housework anyway! I am happy to hear from you and to see pictures. Thanks for sharing. Miss you!

Jolene said...

I was going to email to check on you, so thanks for the post. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Enjoy the birthday, each one only comes around once. Soon you'll be having ANOTHER birth-day. ♥

Kimmarie said...

It's nice to hear from you and play catch up. The kids are so adorable. Their hair is really blonde - love it! Glad you are able to use the SS stuff I sent. The invites are cute. Get some rest... soon you will be trying to plan your quiet time during the nap of the kiddos. lol

Kory said...

The twins have grown SO much Deb! They are so cute together! I can't believe the changes that happen the first two years and that soon Miss Ainslie will be looking grown up like them! And I have to agree with Laurie... Get that rest in while you can! Can't wait to see pictures of your new little addition!

tamdoll said...

Enjoy the spring and your little ones! It's so exciting that you'll have another one coming along soon - hope you get lots of rest. Be well & enjoy the nice weather we've been having.