Monday, January 25, 2010

Vintage Inspired Wooden Pull Toy Tutorial

Hello my blogging friends! Since I've been in a nursery decorating mood, I thought I'd share this adorable project today.

Isn't this pull toy darling?? I was thrilled when I received an e-mail from Roeshel sharing what she created with our elephant shape. It's posted on a fabulous blog, the DIY Showoff which is filled with some really great projects.

Please note:: This project is for decorative purposes only. Wouldn't it be sweet up on a shelf or bookcase? And really, it's a pretty inexpensive project for the cuteness that it creates. :)

Wood shape from Say it with Letters
Scrapbook papers
Wood filler
4 wooden toy wheels
2 - 2" screws
washers (she used 8 metal ones)
2 nuts
1 yd. decorative rope
2 wooden beads
spray paint
spray laquer
mod podge
tools: drill, 2 disposable craft paint brushes, xacto knife, or scissors

Trace the wooden shape onto the back side of the scrapbook paper.

Flip wooden shape and trace on the 2nd scrapbook paper.

Cut out paper shapes. Helpful hint - trim smaller than the actual tracing so it doesn't hang over the edges of the wooden shape.

This elephant is meant for a wall hanging and has keyholes in the back for hanging so I filled with wood filler and sanded. ** If you're buying a shape for this project, just ask us to cut it without keyholes. :)
I used a pencil to mark where the wheels would go so that my husband could drill holes for the axles. (She used a mechanical pencil with the lead out more than normal)
Next, spray paint the elephant and his wheels. I used a satin oil-rubbed bronze color. My new favorite color of spray paint! A rich dark, chocolate brown with bronze/gold flecks.

I almost wanted to leave him like this:

But then I remembered my pretty scrapbook papers (I love pretty papers!) So, I used a brush to apply Mod Podge to one side of the elephant...

And the back side of the paper...
And applied the paper to the glue-side of the elephant. Slide it around a little until it's perfectly in place.
Smooth out with a dry towel. I used a wooden skewer to poke through the paper where the drilled holes were and rotated it around a little.
Let dry.
Once dry, repeat the same steps with the other side and let it dry.

Next I used coordinating paper to cut out the elephant ears. Apply Mod Podge to the back side and put in place. Smooth out with a dry towel.

Repeat on the other side.
Once everything is completely dry, I took a clean brush a applied Mod Podge to one side to seal everything up. I use circular motions for texture. Let it dry again.

It dries clear.

Then repeat on the other side.
I then took it outside and sprayed a coat of stain lacquer finish. Once dry, I flipped and repeated.
I used a piece of decorative rope and threaded it through the cut out for the eye for the pull string. I tied knots and used beads. I also used thread and super glue to make sure everything was secure and didn't make the string too long. Again - this is a decorative accessory, not a toy.
This is also hard to explain/photograph. Hopefully you can figure out a way that works best for you or revert to finished pictures.

Once that was done - I was ready to apply the wheels, which I bought at Michael's (1 1/2" wooden toy wheels). Mr. DIY and I made a trip to the hardware store for bolts, washers, and nuts to use as axels. We spent a great deal of time trying to figure out the best way. A dowel rod would also work since it's only for decorative purposes.
And here he is... all done!

It's a lot of steps, but it's so easy! I think it'll be a perfect hand-crafted (with love) keepsake gift.
I think it's absolutely adorable Roeshel! I'm so glad you sent it to me!
Hope you enjoy the tutorial. xo

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LaurieStar said...

Oh my goodness! How cute is this??? I absolutely love it and never would have thought of it. Brilliant! :)

Anonymous said...

what a brilliant tutorial! i love it and that elephant is just toooo cute!

thanks for sharing!


Kimmarie said...

OMGOSH! This is just too cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

Nadya 's World!!! said...

WOW! This is AWESOME!!! :)
Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! :)

JenMarie said...

LOVE this!