Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Design Team Reveal :: Peace and FAMILY!

I've been wanting to share these design team projects since before the holidays. I had a few technical difficulties when Blogger decided to throw me a curve ball. Apparently I had added too many pictures to my blog and I couldn't upload anymore (for free anyway). So, I now pay a small yearly fee and have MUCH more storage space for my pics. Phew. :) I sometimes think of making the switch to Typepad, but then I feel like people know this blog address so I decide to stay put.
I get such a calm feeling looking at Julie Ann's peace sign and how she photographed it with her husband's guitar. My hubby also plays the guitar and although I rarely have time to just hang out and listen to him play anymore, I love the memories of our dating days (and before-baby days) when we did. :)
Julie Ann created this easy project (her words) using a cloth doily. Here's how she created it: She used Strano Ribbon Stiff on a vintage doily, and let it dry overnight. This made it so it cut like paper and no unraveling. Then she attached the doily to the guitar shape! Easy peasy.
Rae's peace sign is super cute with all her flower die-cuts she used! Very girly, I think. My niece Hannah would love this. She is very into peace signs. :) We gave her an oversized one for her room.
Next up is one of my most favorite {word sets} ever! I love the Chocolate lettering style - it's kinda simple, but also kinda fancy. HA! The best of both worlds. The design team really inspired me with these too. Inspired me to finally do a set for our living room. I have this one area of our wall that definitely needed something. I kept waiting because I could never decide on what I wanted, but this is it!
Rachel's set is so beautiful with the classy colors and embellishments. Check out some of these details...

And last, but definitely not least are Kory's Family set. So beautiful with the hand stitching. Be sure to look at the closeup shots for all the texture she created with her papers and the metal embellishments. Love, love it!
Thanks ladies for the inspiration! And thank you to everyone checking in. We appreciate each of you. xo


Kim said...

Wow! These are just beautiful! I love the inspiration, awesome!

LaurieStar said...

I love these projects! So awesome! I just saw a peace sign in a store today, so I think they're a hot item once again. Nice work, ladies! :)

Kimmarie said...

These look awesome! I love the different ways the peace signs were done (different then the basic altering!) The family both came out great!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thanks for your kind words Deb and everyone!!! We all rock, don't we? LOL

Bee said...

What did Rachel put on her letters (Family) to make them look glossy?
I love this look.