Friday, November 13, 2009

My work in progress

Can you believe my little ones are almost TWO? I certainly can't. And when I say almost, I mean they'll be two in 5 months. HA! However.. I know that getting to work on these things will take some time. Being pregnant is slowing me down a bit. I've never been big on "themes" but watching my kids jump up and down and wave both arms at the t.v. when they see Big Bird and Elmo makes me think a Sesame Street theme was appropriate. And did you know it's the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street? I've been having fun watching it too. I love these Google logos!

I hope you're all enjoying your week. I have family coming over on Sunday for an early Thanksgiving celebration. I love this time of the year!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xx


denean said...

awww 2! I love that age. Erin is LOVING Elmo right now and can't get enough of him - Sesame Street is wonderful!

Kimmarie said...

aaawwww Enjoy it now. My oldest (now 17) loved Sesame Street and Barney. The other two (now 9 and almost 7) were into Dora - never SS or Elmo. I feel they missed out alot without SS. Can you pm me your address on Facebook, I have a ton of SS themed stickers that I would like to send your way. Really nice ones. :)

LaurieStar said...

Deb - this is so cute! I'm glad you're squeezing in a little crafting time! :)