Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Summer Dance Girly Dress as seen in Simply Handmade Magazine

Didja see us? We were thrilled to be featured again in Simply Handmade's fabulous magazine. Stephanie Yanik's adorable Summer Dance girly dress was shown in the Aug/Sept. issue of the magazine. They even did a cool step by step tutorial of the project.

A great big thank you to Stephanie!! A box of goodies are on the way to you. :) And a BIG thank you to Paige and the entire crew of Simply Handmade for our feature.
If you have a project published in a magazine featuring our products, let us know and we'll send some FREE product to you as a thank you.

Have a wonderful day!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Stephanie's dress was one of my favorite projects. How wonderful to see it in the pages of Handmade Magazine. How nice for you too Deb. I keep saying-your pieces are a dream to work with!

Kimmarie said...

That's fantastic! I love how she decorated it. I have three sitting here that need to be done. I can't wait to finish my room so I can get busy. Congrats to you both.

~*~ Stephanie ~*~ said...

Thank you!!!

I got my package today Deb! Thank you SOO much!! I can't wait to get started on all my goodies :D

Kory said...

Very cool! What a neat project too!

Julie Ann Shahin said...


LaurieStar said...

This project was so awesome! I love spying it in the magazine! Neat colors too!