Wednesday, March 18, 2009

some new favorite pictures to share

Did you have your corned beef and cabbage fix? We went to my mother in laws for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. It was sooo good! She made a green punch and green biscuits and when we got there my 5 year old niece Kaylee comes running up to us and said, "Guess what??? When Grammy went to wash her hands, the leprechaun came and turned our food green!!" She was so excited. It was cute.

Tomorrow I'm bringing the babies in for their 1 year pictures. I'm having so much fun planning their birthday party. I can hardly wait! I figure since it's less than a month away, it's OK to wish the time away. :) These are some recent pictures that are my faves right now. I'll be sure and share their 1 year photo too. Have a happy Thursday!


LaurieStar said...

Awww... Deb! These are the cutest kids I've seen in a long time. (Of course, not as cute as mine - but pretty darn cute!) :) Ha.

Pamela said...

SOOO cute!!!

colleen said...

Hey Deb... they are just toooooo adorable! I can't believe they are almost ONE!