Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shopping and cute hair bows!

This morning we're heading to a new scrapbooking store. I've actually been there one other time and it's where I bought the supplies for the birthday party invitations and decorations. I've apparently gone overboard and need more supplies! :) I need to finish up the birthday banners but I want to buy a few little embellishments today. I think I've decided against birthday hats. Maybe next year. And I just need to finish up favors and that's pretty much it. In a little over two weeks, my two little babes will be ONE! I'm excited for the new stages though. Although lately I'm not loving their fight to nap and sleep.
And I thought I'd share a new favorite picture of Miss Isabella. What a cutie. :)
I think I mentioned that I bought some little hair bows. Well, this is the one for her Easter outfit. Isn't it sweet?
It'll be perfect for her little bit of hair that's longer in front. Cute shop too. I think I'll need more for summer outfits. Like the strawberry ones. It's too fun having a girl. It's fun having a little boy too. :) Hope you enjoy your day!


LaurieStar said...

Debbie - your kids are so photogenic. And they look so "girl" and "boy" - ya know? I think sometimes when my boy was little people weren't sure! (Don't tell him now that he's grown up!) But they are adorable. And I love those hairbows. Too cute! Inspires me to make some - I love things made of felt.

The Soladay Family said...

Precious baby! I have only boys...4 to be I don't have the exciting pleasure of buying all those cute bows!

Raechelle said...

Deb- your little angels are just beautiful! I bet they are so much fun! Cute hairbows. :)

XUE said...

Very pretty girl!And yes, I agree with Laurie's remark about "looking so girl" :)