Monday, March 23, 2009

more birthday party planning!

Kids birthday parties are *way* too much fun to plan! My husband laughs because at night after babies are in bed I can't wait to grab all my supplies and go to town! :) Here's more decorations in the works. After the banners are done I'll move on to party favors. And I'm trying to decide if I should make party hats. :) My two are NOT into anything on their heads these days so I may pass on those. Hats - off! Headbands - off! Sunglasses - off! I was able to sneak a hairbow on Bella without her noticing... 2 seconds later and the little guy found it and snatched it off her head. But... I have hopes that I can get one on her for her birthday party and I ordered a couple from Etsy. I am totally addicted to them. Do a search for hairbows and there are so many adorable ones. I also did a trade for the *cutest* little birthday onesies. My sweet friend Heather has the cutest little outfits in her shop. We're trading for shop letters for her studio. Cool, huh?

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LaurieStar said...

Debbie - how cute! Is that decorated bubble containers I see??? Wow - this is going to be some rockin' party! :) You sure it's for kids??? :) Ha ha.... I love that paper and I love where you're going with it - so cute! Those are some lucky kids you've got!