Thursday, March 05, 2009

Busy Babies and Project Share

I've been told I need to update my blog. :) I do! Is anyone else having problems with Blogger? I've tried uploading pictures a few thimes this week and have had problems each time. It seems I'm doing OK today so I'll share. Babies are napping... they are keeping me BUSY busy these days. Bella's crawling and Steven's standing and in to everything. So is Bella - she's more quiet but don't think she can't get into trouble. This was taken a few weeks back before she was crawling. I put her in the middle of the kitchen thinking she'd be OK for a second and next thing I see... she's into the cat food!

I've been planning their 1st birthday party. I know - I can't believe it. Trying to decide on a theme was tough and especially since it's one of each. I can't exactly have a princess party or truck party. So we've decided on a luau! I'm going to shop for a grass skirt for Bella this weekend I think. And Steven already has a Hawaiian shirt. I need to head out to my LSS to buy some supplies for the invitations. I better get moving! It's in a little over a month. I may head out tomorrow.

I've also been wanting to share this sweet project by Jennifer Beason. She does such an amazing job with altering projects. If you haven't visited her blog, you really should for some inspiration. You can get more details on this project and supplies, etc. at the Helmar blog. And you can find your own set of GrOW letters right HERE. Look for more projects with these letters since they're an upcoming Design Team project!

Have a wonderful day! Spring is coming!!!!

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LaurieStar said...

Okay! Glad to see someone is listening to me - at least in blogland! :) (Not at home. Ha.)
I love the picture of the kitty dish and the little hand. Oh my. Might be time to move the dish up on top of the washing machine. That's what we had to do too. Way too interesting for little ones - catfood. And I really can't believe they are almost a year old - how did that happen?
I love Jennifer's letters! Especially the bird picture - how cool is that? I am off to visit her blog again.