Thursday, October 02, 2008

this n that + thank you's..

Tomorrow is Friday. Excited for that. I'm a new stay at home/work at home mom so it's strange being home all the time. I like it and feel very fortunate to be able to do so, but it's hard sometimes to not get out much anymore. Bringing two small children and a car full of supplies makes it challenging. It makes me SO look forward to family activities. :) Tomororw night we're carving pumpkins. A tradition we've done with my in-laws for about the same amount time we've been married. We're doing it a little early this year.. it gets so difficult to find a night when everyone's available. Anyway... I'm rambling. Must have something to do with not getting out much. HA!

I want to send out some very special thank you's. I sent out a personal request to some friends asking if they'd donate handmade items to a person they don't even know (my cousin). She's a wonderful and giving person, working mom of three teenage girls and after several years of testing was recently diagnosed with MS. She's doing fairly well, but has her good days and bad days. She called me a few weeks back asking if we'd donate some product for a fundraiser she's having this month. I immediately said yes and got to thinking a few days later that I have such talented friends and wondered if they'd want to donate anything. So I sent out my e-mail and was really touched at how quickly people responded with a YES! And over the next week or so I've been getting packages from them. My cousin was really touched too. Thank you you all so much!

Thought I'd start sharing a few photos. First up is my friend Tammy who lives in my town. She creates quite a variety of items in her Etsy shop but her most wonderful creations are her art dolls. Look at this sweet doll. And those eyelashes!! :o) She has several others available in her shop too. I love these two BFF's (and they're on sale!) Thank you Tammy! I'll be posting other pictures next week too. You can also visit her blog right HERE. Have a fun weekend everyone. Thanks for checking in!


KSmith said...

oh my aren't they adorable. Sending good health vibes your cousins way

LaurieStar said...

Oh my gosh! How cute is this? That Tammy is talented! Love it. Glad you have something fun to do this weekend. Never too early for Halloween fun, I say! :)

Raechelle said...

how cute! I hope the fundraising event is a smashing success!
Enjoy your weekend! I can totally relate to the adjustment of staying at home all day with children. It's the most beautiful blessing, yet a challenge to adjust to.

tamdoll said...

Thanks! Glad I could help.

jenstamps said...

OMG this is adorable!!!