Friday, September 19, 2008

Heather Bailey Scallop Square Tutorial + Giveaway

I posted about this new kit that's available a few days ago but wanted to share what Kory created using the kit. It's soooo beautiful! I'm just crazy about these papers. Definitely a new favorite for me. She decided that since Heather Bailey's fabrics were so hot that she needed to do some sewing. And you all know how much I *love* sewing on paper! :) Check it out...

Scallop Square Tutorial:
1. Paint the edges of your scallop square shape. I painted mine with cream colored acrylic paint.
2. Take a sheet of the 10×10 patterned paper that came in your kit and turn it upside down so that the side you want to show is face down. Cover the top of your scallop square shape with adhesive (I like Zip Dry!) and press it into the middle of the patterned paper. Once the glue has dried, trim around the edges with an exacto knife. Sand the edges for a distressed look.
3. Take the 6×6 patterned paper pieces that came in your kit and cut them into 2×2 inch squares. These will form your patchwork quilt. The cool thing is that the papers are doublesided so you actually have double the patterns to use. Sand the edges of your 2×2 squares if desired.
4. Cut an 8.25×8.25 inch piece of cream cardstock. Create your patchwork quilt by alternating the 2×2 squares that you cut earlier on top of the cardstock. Be sure to leave about a 1/4″ border on all 4 edges. BEFORE I glued the pieces down, I played with my 2×2 squares until I was happy with the look!

5. Once your patchwork quilt pieces are glued onto the cream cardstock, get out your sewing machine or needle and thread. I used the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine and went over it all TWICE to create this look. Once you are done sewing, glue your patchwork quilt piece to the center of the scallop square. Add flowers and buttons to the corners of the patchwork piece (see photos for placement ideas).

6. Cut a 4×6 piece of cream cardstock as the matting for your photo. Trim your photo to 3.75×5.75 and mount on top of cream cardstock mat. Glue to the lower righthand corner of the patchwork piece. I added a cute little paperclip embellishment to the photo, as well as the pink chipboard parentheses.

7. Find some cute chipboard alphabet letters in your stash that you’d like to use for your title. Cover them in adhesive and sprinkle them with the pink glitter that is included in your kit. Add them to your patchwork piece.

8. Tie a bit of ribbon to the chipboard flourish in your kit and adhere it to your scallop square.

For those of you that don't know, Miss Kory is pregnant!!! So happy for her! She said if she has a little girl she'll replace the photo with one of her little princess. So sweet Kory!

And don't forget about our little giveaway (see below post.) Guess what we're dressing the baby's as for Halloween and we'll randomly choose a winner next week. So, whatcha think they'll be???


Raechelle said...

this is stunning Kory!!!

momma_lizzie said...

oh wow... awesome!!!!

momma_lizzie said...

oh thnx!!!
man everytime I come here that kit is looking more and more adorable... i might have to snag it hahahaha

Julie Masse said...

WOWEEE!! So beautiful! That paper looks amazing - and the stitching and glitter . . so cool!!

Kimmarie said...

OMGOSH That is so pretty! Kory Congrats on being prego! I love how you stitched this. Love the big scallop square.

denean said...

WOWZERS! That is beautiful!

Regina said...

Gorgeous!!! And Congrats on being pregnant Kory!!

jenstamps said...

WOW! This is just beautiful!!! Love that photo too!

Kory said...

Thank you ladies! :-)