Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Gingerbread and Lollishops!

We are SO excited to be involved with Sadie Lou and her Lollishop Craft Along Challenge!

Sadie Lou contacted me over the weekend asking if we'd be interested in getting involved by posting our Happy Home shape on her blog as one of the Gingerbread forms. Umm... yes! :) I've been seeing so many of the Lollishop buttons on people's blogs lately and hadn't really known all the details of what it's about. What they are is a group of vendors who'll be selling some beautiful things! From artwork to supplies to fanciful creations that you can buy all in one place! (We're even considering opening up shop there.)

The Gingerbread Challenge is only open to vendors because they'll be selling them in their shop. However.. I'll be posting some of the creations as they're completed and if you fall in love with one - you can buy it! :) Such a sweet Christmas decoration you can take out each year.

Visit the Lollishop's blog for more information.


Kimmarie said...

Sounds Great! Off to check out their bog! Good Luck

Kori Clark Designs said...

Ohh, I will be on Lollishops as well! I am really excited, the whole thing looks adorable.

LaurieStar said...

This is so cool! Can't wait to see what they create!