Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Giveaway Winner + Twin Mommies

And our winner is..... Parker and Emma's Mom! :) Thanks everyone for playing along. I hope you have fun with the kit Jennifer! E-mail me your snail mail when you have time.
And some other cool news... I was asked to be interviewed as a 'featured mom' for the newsletter of Trends in Twos. I'm so excited for it and really honored that she asked (thanks Kellie). I know we have a few twin mom readers so I thought I'd pass along the link. They've got so many cute things to buy. I especially love these little t-shirts. But my favorite item is definitely this diaper bag! I never have enough room in the diaper bag we have and this looks like it holds a TON! Look for some twin items in our shop just in time for next month's feature!

And, one more link just because it sounds like fun is The Great Pumpkin Search.

Have a fun day everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a Party and a GIVEAWAY!!

We're so excited to be back to our regular delivery schedule. Two little ones can sure take up all your time! :o) We're so happy and want to have a GIVEAWAY to celebrate! Just leave us a comment between now and Monday night and we'll chose a random winner and they'll win one of our *brand spankin' new* Christmas Kits (they're not even listed yet!) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

my little lobsters + Julie Ann's cute apple!

OK, ever since I posted a picture of a baby in a lobster costume last year hubby's been wanting the babies to dress up like it. SOOOO.... here they are. hee hee. What'd you think?? They're getting so big. The little guy is rolling over ALL the time. You pretty much can't put him down on his back without him rolling over onto his stomach. They are too fun.

And the winner of our giveaway is Miss JenniWren! Congrats Jennifer! We'll be getting some goodies out to you shortly! You guys guessed so many cute things. Some of our favorites were Raggedy Ann and Andy, which I think we'll need to do that one year. :) Salt and Pepper, chocolate chip cookie and milk, an angel and devil. You're all so clever. It was so much fun reading the answers.

Also wanted to share Julie Ann's last DT project for the month. I'm so crazy about this green apple she created. Look at that cute little worm!! I love Julie Ann's work.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

Cool News!

Some cool news! Apparently Layle Koncar from Scenic Route saw Kory's Happily Ever After House on Scrapscene and wants to feature it in one of their upcoming newsletters. How cool is that?? Yay Kory!!

Check in tomorrow for the *cutest* apple from Julie Ann! And... we'll pick a winner for our little giveaway (see a few posts below for details). Have a fun day everyone!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


More Halloween projects. Our Guest Designer this month, Jolene, wanted to play with our Halloween products too so she bought our fun EEK and BAT set. I love the blinged eyes on her bat and the glittered outline on them all. Too much fun! Thanks Jolene for shopping with us and for sharing your projects too! Take a peek... [EDIT: Jolene listed supplies on her blog.]

EEK :: Laurie Cass-Griggs

The weather's a little cooler.. and it's officially FALL. Which means, Halloween's just around the corner. Yippee!

I love Laurie's projects this month! I love the papers on the EEK (rockin' skull and crossbones too!)








And she turned our pumpkin shape into a jack o lantern. Is that cute or what??




Oh, did you enter our giveaway?? Just guess what we'll be dressing the babies up for Halloween and we'll pick a random winner end of this week. Check a few posts down.

A special THANK YOU to Scrap Scene (welcome new readers that found us by way of Scrap Scene.) They posted our Happily Ever After House Tutorial today. You can visit the blog for all the details.

And another special THANK YOU to Kori of Kori Clark Designs for posting about us today. Have a fun day everyone!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Scrap Nut Tutorial featuring Julie Ann Shahin

Hi everyone!

Check out Scrapscene's blog for lots of great links and a tutorial by Design Team member Julie Ann Shahin aka Scrap Nut using our acorn shape. :) Is she cute or what?! I loove the felt! Also, she's having a giveaway so hurry over. Thanks Julie Ann for the inspiration!

p.s. We're also having a giveaway. Check a couple posts below for details.

Have a great day!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Heather Bailey Scallop Square Tutorial + Giveaway

I posted about this new kit that's available a few days ago but wanted to share what Kory created using the kit. It's soooo beautiful! I'm just crazy about these papers. Definitely a new favorite for me. She decided that since Heather Bailey's fabrics were so hot that she needed to do some sewing. And you all know how much I *love* sewing on paper! :) Check it out...

Scallop Square Tutorial:
1. Paint the edges of your scallop square shape. I painted mine with cream colored acrylic paint.
2. Take a sheet of the 10×10 patterned paper that came in your kit and turn it upside down so that the side you want to show is face down. Cover the top of your scallop square shape with adhesive (I like Zip Dry!) and press it into the middle of the patterned paper. Once the glue has dried, trim around the edges with an exacto knife. Sand the edges for a distressed look.
3. Take the 6×6 patterned paper pieces that came in your kit and cut them into 2×2 inch squares. These will form your patchwork quilt. The cool thing is that the papers are doublesided so you actually have double the patterns to use. Sand the edges of your 2×2 squares if desired.
4. Cut an 8.25×8.25 inch piece of cream cardstock. Create your patchwork quilt by alternating the 2×2 squares that you cut earlier on top of the cardstock. Be sure to leave about a 1/4″ border on all 4 edges. BEFORE I glued the pieces down, I played with my 2×2 squares until I was happy with the look!

5. Once your patchwork quilt pieces are glued onto the cream cardstock, get out your sewing machine or needle and thread. I used the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine and went over it all TWICE to create this look. Once you are done sewing, glue your patchwork quilt piece to the center of the scallop square. Add flowers and buttons to the corners of the patchwork piece (see photos for placement ideas).

6. Cut a 4×6 piece of cream cardstock as the matting for your photo. Trim your photo to 3.75×5.75 and mount on top of cream cardstock mat. Glue to the lower righthand corner of the patchwork piece. I added a cute little paperclip embellishment to the photo, as well as the pink chipboard parentheses.

7. Find some cute chipboard alphabet letters in your stash that you’d like to use for your title. Cover them in adhesive and sprinkle them with the pink glitter that is included in your kit. Add them to your patchwork piece.

8. Tie a bit of ribbon to the chipboard flourish in your kit and adhere it to your scallop square.

For those of you that don't know, Miss Kory is pregnant!!! So happy for her! She said if she has a little girl she'll replace the photo with one of her little princess. So sweet Kory!

And don't forget about our little giveaway (see below post.) Guess what we're dressing the baby's as for Halloween and we'll randomly choose a winner next week. So, whatcha think they'll be???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blogging + Halloween + Giveaway!!

Did anyone catch the Martha Show on Blogging?? I just finished watching it (love the DVR.) It was neat to see an entire audience of bloggers with their laptops writing about every little detail, I'm sure. I really enjoyed seeing the two ladies who created this blog, 3191, A Year of Mornings, which is now a book. Something so simple.. two women living 3,191 miles apart just taking a photo a day for a year. I had read their blog back when they first started it. It was a brief segment on them but it was neat to see the ladies behind the blog. They also had the writer of Cute Overload. Ever check out that site? It's just, well, CUTE!

The photo a day blog got me inspired to take a photo a day for a week or month. We'll see if I actually do it with these two but I thought about doing it anyway. HA! As I'm writing, Bella's in her little jumper and drool is dripping on the floor. I call her water works these days. I put bibs on her during the day, that I change constantly because she SOAKS her clothing.

We bought Halloween costumes this week!! SO excited! Holidays are already so much more fun with little ones. I'm not telling you what we're dressing them up as :) BUT.... leave a comment on what you THINK the costumes are and I'll pick a random winner next week and send off some goodies.

I'll leave you with a Halloween project created by the wonderfully talented Robyn. Eek! Speaking of cute.. Isn't that bat the cutest? Thanks Robyn for the inspiration. Go visit her blog. She has the prettiest card posted.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

acorns + apples :: Miss Chrys

It's a gorgeous day here today. I think it's supposed to get cooold tonight though! I had a nice visit with my Mom today. She came by this morning and brought banana bread. Mmm. :) I think the babies are happy to get visitors so they see someone besides just me! HA!

Wanted to share Chrys' projects this month. Her acorn is adorable. I love the velvety stem and all those scrolls. So pretty!
And of course she used the apple for the teacher. Such a great idea. And it's super cute!
And, did you know she's a Disney Freak?? Well, ya do know! :) I love what she did with the Mickey.
And coming tomorrow... HALLOWEEN projects! Yipee!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Carrie's FALL Creation

Next up is Carrie's creation! I do love how you can send the same project to different designers and they look completely different! Take each of our FALL letters this month. Each so different in the end. Love Carrie's take on these! (And don't you love her home decor?!) :)

"The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools."- Henry Beston, Northern Farm

'tis the gift to be simple

Finally back to the living here! I've had a stomach bug of some sort. So happy to be feeling better.

I wanted to share more design team projects. These are two of my favorite shapes - the apple and acorn! And I love what Kory did with them. That Daisy D's paper is sooo pretty and I think her little touch of pearls on the stem is a little unexpected and so cute! Kory has instructions on her blog as to what she did to create the look. You can check that out here.

And the acorn... I love this shape! Falling leaves.. sweather weather and back to school! I do love this time of the year. I'm really liking that chunky fabric brad she used. It reminds me of a big comfy couch. HA! You can visit Kory's blog for more info on the project and also for details on the products she used.

And thought I'd leave you with one of my favorite quotes that just reminded me of Kory's projects. Have a fun day everyone!

"Tis the gift to be simple,'tis the gift to be free,'tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,and when we find ourselves in the place just right,'twill be in the valley of love and delight." Old Shaker Hymn

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Harvest Home Fall Kit NOW AVAILABLE!!

I'm so excited to say this *beautiful* design by Jolene is now available as a KIT! I know I want one! :) You can pick yours up right HERE. Please note there are only a limited number available. Thanks Jolene for the inspiration!

Check in this coming week for more Design Team projects! Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homespun :: Guest Designer, Julie Masse

I know many of you are familiar with Julie Masse's work. She makes such beautiful and sweet cards. She has such a 'homey' feeling to her work that when I look at her projects they're always warm and inviting. She did such a beautiful job with her FALL letters. I love the little owl sitting on the branch but I have to say my favorite letter is the 'A'. I love sewing on paper and she created a quilt-like look with hers. Just beautiful Julie! Read on for a bit more about Julie and enjoy her FALL project.

I am a SAHM mother of 4 beautiful children living in southern Maine. My husband Jeff is a chemist in a small laboratory in New Hampshire. Our house is pretty busy most of the time, but I love being home with my children! I have always enjoyed crafty things, knitting, sewing, smocking and I began stamping seriously about 6 years ago after my first child was born. It has been such a great release for me! I have really enjoyed meeting some fabulous people through stamping and my blog, Stampin With Julie. I currently design for 2 wonderful stamp companies, Paper Pretties and Kitchen Sink Stamps. I'm so excited to work with Deb and Say It With Letters! I just love all of the wonderful products and the great inspiration found on her blog! Thanks so much for this fun opportunity!!

You can find your FALL letters right HERE.
Also, tomorrow we're placing our order for the October Afternoon kits. Please e-mail me if you want IN! :) You can get more info HERE on pricing.
As always, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

new kits :: Heather Bailey!!

I've put a couple new kits together. I love seeing all the yummy colors together! The one pictured is featuring the *new* Heather Bailey Freshcuts line with our scalloped square. I love it! You can find that HERE.

I also posted a new mini album kit, Kindred Spirits, using Brenda Walton's Dollhouse Collection - still a favorite of mine. It's loaded with so many cute things including a lil girlie girl dress you can use to decorate the cover of the album or just play around with! You can check that out HERE. And I'm working on a kit for yesterday's post on the FALL letters (mainly because I want to make my own!) :)

More design team projects tomorrow. You'll see Julie's take on the fall letters. Very homespun. I love this time of the year! Have a creative day everyone!

Monday, September 08, 2008

feeling FALLish :: Guest Designer, Jolene Johnston

Summer really is behind us. The cooler weather here has me welcoming Fall. It's also easier to take the babies outside for walks because it's not a thousand degrees! :)

The design team has been decorating their little hearts out with fall and yes, Halloween projects. Each one is so different from the next.
I'm thrilled to welcome Jolene Johnston as one of our Guest Designers this month. Her project really inspired me too. As soon as she sent me pictures I told my hubby to cut me a set of letters to decorate for our kitchen! I know they'll make me smile each day and they're just so welcoming. Read on for a bit more info on Jolene and enjoy her FALL project.

Hi, I'm Jolene Johnston. My husband, Scott, and I are getting ready to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. We have two feisty little boys named Matthew (age 3.5) and Ian (age 7). We live in Fishers, Indiana, just northeast of Indianapolis. I currently teach scrapbooking and cardmaking classes at a local scrapbook store and enjoy making handcrafted gifts for family and friends.

I hold two degrees in music education and taught elementary choral and classroom music for ten years. I am an avid cardmaker, rubberstamper and altered artist. My crafting work has been featured in several print publications, online ezines and regularly appears on several challenge blogs.

I am honored and thrilled to work with Deb, Julie and the Say It With Letters Design Team this fall. Thanks for checking out my work!

Jolene told me she really wanted to focus on texture and natural elements, so she used flowers, leaves, wheat, acorns and twine.

You can find these *new* FALL letters right HERE. Thanks Jolene for working with us. You can find more inspiring projects on her blog.