Thursday, August 21, 2008

this n that + small magazine

Man, I'm dealing with FUSSY babies here! Figures too.. had family visiting today (my Dad and step mom who live in Virginia) who've never met the babies. I always say how good they are.. well not today!! The little guy was up ALL night last night. He slept very little, laying on me on the couch. Which means I pretty much got no sleep. I think they may be teething. And they're also starting to notice each other a bit (which I thought was cute at first) but now it's that they get jealous if I'm picking one up and not the other which isn't so cute because screaming then happens. Ah well.
Oh, they are both finally sleeping! I should really be working but I was checking my e-mail and got a link to this cute online magazine, small. Have you heard of it? We were actually featured in there a while back but I don't think I ever got around to posting about it. It's full of great links and adorable kids in adorable outfits! One of the first few pages also features Alicia Paulson from a sweet little blog, Posie Gets Cozy.She shares one of her family recipes. Sounds delicious and pretty easy actually. Think I may try it out.
Hope you're all enjoying your day!


Kimmarie said...

Oh Boy! I remember a time when I wanted twins, then my cousin had them... let's just say that I am happy with 3 girls all born in different years. LOL Big Hugs to you!!! I will check out her site as well tfs. I hope your dad and stepmom had a good time. Get some rest.

jenstamps said...

I had my first two children 14 months apart and I thought that was tough, I couldn't imagine having twins!

Super cute magazine!