Monday, August 04, 2008


Next up is Robyn! These girls totally outdid themselves this month! Each one is yummier than the next. :)
I love the flowers on the cake slice and I especially love the textured frosting on the cupcake. The whole piece looks textured - so cool! Beautiful job Miss Robin!


LaurieStar said...

I love Robyn's work - that first cupcake is my favorite!

Scrappy Jessi said...

darling, and calorie free.
tee hee.

Kory said...

YUMMY! Love the dimension on these Robin!

Kimmarie said...

I love each one for different reasons. But I think the ice cream cone is my favorite!

Jolene said...

Oh wow, the cupcake icing is my favorite! I also love how the cone really looks like a sugar cone. Beautiful work!

jenstamps said...

These are just so cute!!! How fun would they be at a birthday party!!!