Thursday, July 24, 2008

this n that + Fancy Monograms

Have I told you how addicted I am to THIS site?? Celebrity Baby Blog.. I don't care so much about the parent's but I can't get enough of the babies. :) I don't really get any time to read it now but when I was pregnant I couldn't resist! And some major news in our house is that BOTH babies slept through the night last night. I'm sure it won't happen tonight but I can hope!

OK, so yesterday I dressed them in these outfits. When I found the second, almost matching outfit I thought it might be "girlie" enough for Bella but once I saw her in it she looks WAY too much like a boy.

One of the things I love is when you all send us photos of your work. Love this!! Kimmarie sent me photos of her fancy monogram. I really love the paper she chose. She went with MAMBI papers with stickles. I'm addicted to stickles (well I was when I actually had time to get my craft on!) Thanks Kimmarie for the inspiration. Go visit her blog for more inspiring projects.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit my bestest friend with the babies. I can't wait!!


Kimmarie said...

They look so cute! She is still girly but they do look so much alike here! That's my "B"! I am so honored that you put it up on the blog. You're the best, Deb! I was just showing it to my friend Kelli who stopped by and showed me all the wonderful things she made at her weekend crop including the Ice Cream Cone. Her's is complete and great! Mine is still a work in progess.... lol

Jolene said...

Yay, Kim! Your monogram is lovely. And the babies are adorable as always.

LaurieStar said...

Oh my goodness! Little Steven looks so much like big Steven in this photo! I can't get over it. I am always amazed at how much expression he always has. Both of them are such their own little person already - don't ya think? What an adorable picture! :)

Kimmarie - I love what you did with that letter! Nice work!