Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Design Team :: Laurie Star Griggs

It's a good day. I have two sleeping babies.. this rarely happens! My little guy was running a marathon in his bouncy seat about 10 minutes ago and now he's crashed! However, I'll keep this brief since I have tons of laundry to catch up on - little and big laundry. I do love the little laundry better. :)

On to design team projects! I simply ADORE what Laurie did with her banner pennants. I really like how she used wire to hang it. And the little buttons - I'm such a sucker for those. Is this sweet or what?!
Her next project was the KEY shape. Really sweet as a key holder. And the little house dangling from the hook is super cute! I love the colors and papers she chose as the background. Thanks Miss Star for all the inspiration!
OK, Miss Bella is up so I need to run! Laundry will have to wait. Hope you're enjoying your day.


Raechelle said...

gorgeous projects! The colors are so fresh and pretty!~ Great job Laurie!

Jenniwren32 said...

Love what you did with your projects Laurie!
Those pendents are just adorable!!!

Jolene said...

Oh wow! The colors on these projects are just so cheery. Way to go!

Scrap for Joy said...

Laurie always chooses colors that are fresh and happy. The addition of the little house on the key holder was a nice touch.