Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday is Father's Day.. hubby's first. I won't share his Dad's Day gift because he reads the blog. HA! We're also having the babies baptized (and my MIL is making their christening gowns.) So sweet! I can't wait to share pictures. I took some adorable new photos of them this week. Little Steven's starting to smile and I got some great shots.

Thought I'd share this gorgeous piece done by Julie Ann Shahin of our design team. She's such a talent. I love how she always papers the sides of her projects (something I rarely do myself) and I always look at hers and think how finished it really looks. I'm going to share the background story of this piece too because I just love it. Enjoy!
This is for my Father-in-Law. He was a Marching Band teacher/director at a local Catholic high school. They won tons of awards and contests. They kinda toured all over Europe, playing for Grace Kelly and the Pope as well. DH got to go on all the trips too as FIL took the whole family everywhere.There is a photo of FIL holding up a huge trophy, I haven't stopped by there to pick it up but I could probably add it in somehow if he wants that photo included. I used all Christina Renee stuff on it - her paper for Prima and then her digi goodies at her own store.
Just gorgeous!! Thanks JA for the inspiration! Happy Father's Day to all the special men in your lives. Thanks for always visiting!


Carrie O said...

THAT IS THE COOLEST!!!! I love every little detail. Wonderful!

Kory said...

Great job Julie Ann! You are so creative!

LaurieStar said...

What a great take on this project - I love the way it turned out and the story behind it too. Nice work!