Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome LynLivy's

We really enjoy "meeting" the shop owners who are carrying our products. It's so fun to see the creative spaces of the stores! The latest is LynLivy's Art House in San Antonio, TX. They just opened two weeks ago and they've just placed a re-order of our products! We love that. :) Being a new mom of twins, I totally love the concept of this store.. not only do they carry some great products, but it looks like SO much fun.. what kid wouldn't love to play dress up, have creative classes and be able to write on the walls!

LynLivy’s Story and vision

After being home with my 2 daughters for 7 years, I finally decided it was time to get back to work. But with a young family to care for, I wanted something that would allow me to be close to them and still make a difference thru our beliefs and vision. With many years of retail management experience, a huge desire to create, an artsy childhood, lots of crafty friends, 16 glittery girl scouts, and 2 very silly clever crafty kids - an ArtHouse seemed the only logical solution!

Children are an endless source of creativity and inspiration and every community needs an ArtHouse to showcase it. I hope you find LynLivy’s to be that place and hope your kids will continue to create with us for years to come!
Thanks for supporting us!Feel free to drop us a line anytime - we love to hear from you!

Stacey Fuller, owner, and mom to Lyndsey (Lyn) & Olivia (Livy)

LynLivy’s Improv stage is always open for the kids to come play, sing, dance, dress-up, pretend, act and just be silly! And the craft table is always out for the kids to come get crafty with us while in the store!

They have everything from Crafty Fridays to Birthday Parties to Summer Craft Camp! So very cool! If you're in the San Antonio area, please go visit! They're located in the Artisan's Alley. Oh, and they also have a blog. Thanks Stacey and the LynLivy's crew. We look forward to working with you!
LynLivy's Art House
555 W. Bitters Road
San Antonio, TX 78216


Colleen said...

Wow...what a cool concept! I love it. Wish I were closer... it looks like a blast!

Carrie said...

ANother WOW...I love the look of that place. FUN stuff!

LaurieStar said...

Yes - I wish I could shop there too! No fair!