Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Summer + What's New?

I can't believe the kick off to summer is here! We're heading out on our first family outing on Monday. We've done a few short trips close to home but now we're heading to a friend's Annual Memorial Day BBQ. They haven't met the babies and I know they'll be excited to see their cuteness. They've grown so incredibly much. Steven put them on our packaging scale and they now weigh about 10 pounds! Now granted, that was fully clothed but they're getting so big! I took a bunch of pictures yesterday so I'll post them next week.

I've also been trying to catch up on thank you notes and find myself keeping things VERY basic these days. As I made a few I loved how much easier it was having coordinating papers and cards all together. I thought a few of you might too. Soooo.. we put together a bunch of Basic Cardmaking Kits. And when we say basic, it's basic. Just pretty papers and nicely coordinating cards and envelopes perfect for the person who has lots of embellishments at home (and we know there's lots of you out there) :) or the person who just wants to add a photo, as I did here and you're good to go! I love the Memory Box cards and envelopes because firstly, the colors are gorgeous! And because the envelope flaps are half moon shaped for a really nice touch. Check out the Homespun Kit (seen below), the Lullaby Kit (which I used for my baby notes) and we have two others - Sprout Kit and the very preppy Sugar on Top Kit. Too much fun! Oh, did we mention they're only $5 bucks?!

Happy Summer my friends!!


Colleen said...

Adorable thank you cards (what a cute pic) and that "summer"looks soooo fun to decorate!

Martha said...

those cards are just too cute. and I love all the new stuff.... trying to decide what I want to order.

LaurieStar said...

Oooh - those card kits look so cute! Love the bright one!
Happy weekend to you and those adorable kids! :)

denean said...

beautiful cards! Love that picture!!