Monday, March 03, 2008

mosaic love

I've always been so fascinated by mosaics! I've never tried it but have always wanted to. One of these days I will. Our shapes are the perfect medium for mosaicing. Any of our shapes can be cut as solid pieces with no cutouts so it's even better for you mosaic creators. Check out what Kathleen at Artsy Phartsy created.
The strawberry has always been one of my favorite shapes. If I were having two girls I think I might have gone with a strawberry theme in the nursery. They're just so sweet! :)
The nursery is really coming along! Steven and his sister's got tons of work done over the weekend. They put down new flooring and put up pretty trim and my mom came to visit and bought us a crib! I can't wait to set it up because it'll actually feel like a nursery then! And this week I plan on working on some wall art too. I'll try to post pictures of my finished designs. Boy, I can't believe how close we're getting now.


carrie O said...

WOW those are too cool! :) So fun to see everyones ideas of things like that. Too fun! Still waiting to see that nursery (hint hint)

Jolene said...

The mosaic pieces are beautiful! And yay for getting more work done in the nursery. How exciting!

Heidi ( said...

Can't wait to see your nursery photos! (Don't work too hard!)

Colleen said...

These are super cool! I never thought of doing a mosaic! Very neat idea. You take care and don't do too much!