Wednesday, March 05, 2008

baby clothing overload!

I need some input... just how many baby clothes do I really need?? I've been generously given some absolutely adorable baby clothes but I think I probably have enough for about 6 babies! A friend who just had a boy told me that they change about 14 diapers a day. Holy cow that's a lot of diapers times 2! I'm afraid to get rid of things in case I may need them. But I'm thinking I probably won't need 100 onesies. I'm exaggerating of course but not by a lot! :)

I'm working on some fun things today. I'm working on letters for the nursery. I don't have my papers yet because I ordered them online and haven't received them yet but I'm painting the letters. I also got some AWESOME papers and embellishments yesterday to list in the shop. I just love putting little kits together - I sometimes enjoy picking out the papers, ribbons and colors more than doing an actual project. HA! Look for some fun things in our shop soon!

OK, back to baby clothes. I need to take a picture of some of these because MAN are they cute! One of each is just too much fun. It's the best of both worlds!


Julie Masse said...

Deb that's so funny! I would probably keep stuff until you have the babies and judge for yourself. You will change them A LOT!! New babies seem to pee and poop so often and then there are the "blowouts" when you'll need to change everything!! :) Depends on how often you want to do wash, but I would say a couple per child per day and some spares. Pack up the extras in a box and see what happens! How wonderful you've been given so much!! :)

LaurieStar said...

Well.... that answers my question then - I had a bag of clothes for your little boy that I discovered in the attic. Sounds like you're already up to your eyeballs in it! It happened to me too! So I will just save you this small bag and not the gigantic one!

Marci Knecht said...

You'll need ALOT! In most cases I would say double what you think you need, but in your case quadruple it. They grow really fast, so don't get too many of the newborn stuff, go for the 3 months and up.

Heidi ( said...

Deb, how funny: 100 Onesies! It's been a while (ut-hum) since I've had my babies (ut-hum, I'm on my grandbabies now..), but I do know they spit up, poop out, and generally mess in everything they wear about a thousand times a day. Times two for you... My advise would be keep it all, it's easier to give it away after you're done possible needing it all! Plus, you could do the laundy less if you have more clothes.

Oh, and did I mention that often if you're out of the house and have one of those "blow outs" or "throw ups" that it could possibly be a blessing to just throw out the badly soiled clothing? (Not saying to waste, but when you're in car on a trip...say like on the way to Disneyland...say and you have to change her in in the gas station bathroom...say, and a garbage can is nearby, say that poopy clothes can go in the trash and not back in your car. I'm just saying, it could happen to you..)

Wow,didn't mean to write so much!


PS I'm not saying which of my girls did that little number in the car on the way to Disneyland... LOL

Carrie said... never need as much as you have but the thing is to look at the sizes...they will gorw out of them quickly. :)
and if they urp up on them you have plenty of fresh ones. I say hold on to them and then decide as you see how it goes. :) How nice...people are so generous! :)
Gotta love that!

Dapoppins said...

100 onesies? Well in summertime, you will need them all. Especially if baby spits up or drools. X's2

Angela said...

You will need way more clothes than you think...especially if you don't want to be doing laundry 3x a day! Sorry, just had to add my .02 as I was SHOCKED when I had my first little one, with how many onesies I really needed--and I only bought a 5 pack to start...needless to say, I purchased a whole bunch more once I figured things out!

ScrapScene said...

Hi Deb,

I used about 10-12 diapers a day at the beginning and now that Eireann is 3 mths old, I'm using maybe 6-8 a day. So it does slow down! I would say 14 a day would be the very max per baby and it is nice to have the few extra on hand.

P.S. Don't say no to the clothes, they throw up and spit up and you may be changing them several times a day. Not to mention the poop explosions (or poop soup, as I lovingly refer to it!!)
P.P.S. Love the new kits! Very pretty.

The Dukes Family said...

You don't need 100 but do keep a lot - there are all those early blowouts! Another tip that helped me with little newborn twins: gowns are great. I found cute coordinating newborn gowns (Target has adorable ones) and those made diaper changes so much easier, especially late-night-post-feeding changes. A gown (i.e. no snaps, no buttons, no zippers), swaddling, and you're good to go! And my very favorite item for little ones: the Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad. You can lay two down in the tub, they cradle the baby, you fill the regular tub up just a bit, and bathtime is safe and WAY easier with twins. They also absorb the water and keep baby warm. When the babes grow a bit, they can sit on them too. This is probably way too much info but hope it helps!