Friday, February 15, 2008

PLAYful DT project, flickr + Scrapscene!

Happy Weekend everyone! It's actually a nice day out there today.. a nice change from the snow we got almost every day last week! Yuk! The sun is shining and streaming in the windows and makes me think Spring really might be around the corner.

I'm loving this PLAY letter set that the talented Robyn created for her son's room. Love the papers she chose and of course the personal photos. This is one of my favorite lettering styles we have. I like that it's got a bit of playfulness to it, but also nice and chunky to add lots of embellishments. I'm using it for the nursery. :)

So I've been having fun with our flickr group. I've added lots of photos but am still working on adding more so be sure to check in often. I love this Carpe Diem set in the kitchen - perfect way to start your day! Thank you Andrea for sending it in!

We wanted to say a special thank you to Angie over at Scrap Scene for posting about us yesterday! We love Scrap Scene! I love all the links they post about.. and a lot of them are ones I'm not familiar with so that's always fun.

Have a great weekend my friends!


Holley V said...

What great ideas! I love the carpe diem on the wall!

Stacy said...

I love the font of the "play" letters & want it for our nursery too!!! Hopefully we'll know our baby's sex & name in just 11 more days... The nursery is at a stand still until these details are known! :)

Remind me again...when is your due date ~ and when will you be taking "leave" from your business?

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

BEAUTIFUL Projects!! :)

Colleen said...

These are sooooo cool. The play is so the photos, and the Carpe Diem is just stunning!!!

LaurieStar said...

I love what Robyn did with her "play" letters. So cute! And imagine that on your kitchen wall each day - love it!

Jolene said...

Those PLAY letters are so fun. You're right - they are just chunky enough to get all the "good" stuff on! And wow about the kitchen art - that would be hard to miss!