Monday, November 05, 2007

Our First Swap!

Peppermint Stick Handmade Ornament Swap!

[edited: only one spot open!]

Welcome to our FIRST swap! This is too fun! I'm going to open it up to (2) groups of 5 for a total of 10 people so you'll only need to send 4 ornaments and get back 4 (you can make an extra one of your own to keep for yourself.)

The guidelines are simple:

1. Sign up for the swap by sending an email with the following information to debdamboise[at]comcast[dot]net by November 10th using PEPPERMINT SWAP as the subject line.
- name
- address
- email address
- website or blog, if you have one
- whether your are willing to ship internationally

2. On November 11th you'll receive an email from us containing the addresses of 4-5 other swap participants to send your ornaments to.

3. Design an ornament that you can create multiples of and make your ornaments. The theme is Peppermint Stick which you can interpret however you'd like. Remember, you want to send something you'd be happy receiving yourself. Put some love in it. :)

4. Package your ornaments well...especially if you create anything fragile.

5. Send one of your ornaments to ea ch person on the list of 4 other swap participants in your group by December 1st.

6. Sit back, relax and wait as you receive your happy mail of 4 beautiful handmade ornaments!


Is the swap open to international customers?
YES! Please let us know in your email sign-up if you are willing to ship internationally.

What sort of materials can be used?
Anything! Paper, wood, glass, sew, paint..have fun!

Who are the other people I'll be swapping with?
The other people on the swap list you receive on November 11th.

Will my address be on the internet anywhere?
No. The only people who will receive your address are the people you are swapping with.

What about shipping costs?
You are responsible for shipping costs for your ornaments...just as others are paying to ship ornaments to you.

For those of you new to swapping, it's very simple and a lot of fun! You will send out 4 ornaments, you can make five if you want to keep one for yourself, and you will receive four different handmade ornaments in the mail. How cool is that?!

Other questions? Email me! debdamboise[at]comcast[dot]net


Scrap for Joy said...

Hi Deb! This sounds like fun so count me in! Peppermint-Mmmmmmm, my favorite! Joyce Gleason

LaurieStar said...

Of course you know I want to play! Count me in too. I'm sending you my information right after I type this - as if you didn't know.... :)

Great idea! :)

Chrissy said...

I'm IN I'm IN I'm in.... I would LOVE to do this... YEAH!!!


Euphoria said...

I'm SO excited- I just snet you my info... WOOO HOOO!

Colleen said...

Oh what a cool idea. I wish I could play...but with everything else going on in the next two weeks, I better not say yes...this time around...I would hate to not give it my all. (And my hubby is telling me that sleep is essential and I can't keep skipping that part of the day!)

I will be watching for future swaps though.

Paper Princess said...

Sounds like so much fun Deb!! I'll have to see if I can squeeze this in my schedule because it would the perfect thing to kick off the holidays!