Wednesday, August 01, 2007

special occasions

We love this! What a statement our 24 inch fancy schmancy letter made at a recent wedding shower for Jeanette's sister. Jeanette's been planning this shower for months and she really made it special with her attention to detail. She told me she should have had our business cards at the shower because everyone was asking about it. :) We love that! Thank you Jeanette. We're glad it added a special touch to your celebration.

There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.- I Corinthians 13:13


kat said...

great idea for a wedding shower or a baby shower!

Jennifer Sizemore said...

I love what Jeanette did!!!

Pamela Jane said...

Such a great letter, and Jeanette displayed it so well!

Anonymous said...

Miss deb~ This is FANTASTIC!!!! I love it!!! Miss Mari~

Amy said...

How absolutely Chic...added that oh so elegant touch. Your work is smashing!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I LOVE the gianormous "J"!! HOW did you do that?? What an artist you are. Blessings... Polly (p.s. added you to the mailing list so you should get an email on Saturday)