Saturday, April 28, 2007

*Rebecca Sower*

How cool is this? Rebecca Sower just placed an order for our letters! Yup - it's true. :) The same Rebecca Sower who has written books (which of course I own,) wrote articles for Creating Keepsakes magazine and has designed my *most* favorite scrapbooking line of products ever - THAT Rebecca Sower just wrote me an e-mail. :) Wanna see what she loves?? Our Juicy monogram fashioned after a Juicy clothing line. Fun stuff.

And don't forget about Mom... for under $10 you can give your sweet Mom a very personal gift that she'll adore all year long. What Mom wouldn't love a decorated set.. add a few photos and it's pure sweetness. We've also still got some MOM Kits available. Click HERE for more info. We can still guarantee shipping for Mother's Day. Thanks so much.

::lettering style - MLB Tuscan::

::lettering style - Oz Handicraft::

Thanks for listening to me gush. This is exciting news around here. :)

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