Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a little inspiration

I am just loving this letter wall! I'm thinking I need to do one of these in our house.. seeing as we make letters and all. :) This is from Erin's blog over at House on Hill Road. She says this is her all-time favorite wall in her house. I could see why. Just love all the different styles and sizes. Go check out her blog, she's incredibly talented. I love the embellished t-shirt she just created and check out this a-dor-able apron she made that was featured in Adorn magazine. Oh my!

{Please note that we did not make any of these letters and this is Erin's photograph used with permission.}

If you see any other inspiring letter walls or decorated sets, I'd love to see the link!


jenn said...

how yummy debbie :) maybe come days i'll have a ton of j's in my craft room... i think i have 4 so far *giggle*

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

*gasp* I would love something like that! thanks for sharing! what a great wall!!! love it!